Baby Signs With Veronica

Baby Signs with Veronica

Why should I sign to my baby?

There are many advantages to signing with babies. The main benefit is the higher level of communication you will achieve. You will be giving your child a tool for communication before he is physically able to speak. You will be able to experience the world from your baby's eyes and fulfill his needs with greater ease. There will no longer be so many guessing games on your part and there will be less frustration all around. 

Reinforces letter and sound recognition for preschoolers!

ASL is a fun language to learn at any age! 

Why should I teach my child American Sign Language-ASL?

I highly recommend using a formal signed language (Such as American Sign Language-ASL) when signing with babies. There are a number of reasons for this. The most common reason sited by professionals, caregivers, and parents is that if you use signs from an already established language it is easier to communicate with others who are also using sign language. This may be a deaf relative or friend or even other babies who are signing with their parents. Even though signs can vary from region to region (even more so from country to country) the signs are often consistent enough to be considered a standard. You will have a ready source to learn signs from, as opposed to creating your own signs.

When to Start Signing and What to Expect:

           6-9 Months- Introduce some need-based and high-impact signs.
           7-12 Months- Your baby will probably start signing back.
           12 Months Onward- Introduce secondary signs.

Around 2 years- Your child may start to combine signs and may combine signs and speech.
"I have been teaching my daughter ASL for four or five months now. About three weeks ago she had a signing explosion. She went from signing 15 signs regularly to now over 40 signs."  -Kim, mother of Rachel, 14 months.


Baby Sign Class info and policies

·        Sessions are 30-45 minutes and are held once a week 

·        No make-up classes

·        Full payment is due at registration $30/single $28/mulitiple children

·        If sessions are less than 3 students (adult and infant 1 student) they could be moved to another time or location

Please contact me for more information or to sign up for a class at 435-215-3984  or

Classes offered in St. George, Utah or Cedar City, Utah


Prepare your infant or child for class by:


·       Make sure your child is rested before class


·       Give your child a light snack before class


·       Make sure they have a clean diaper or have used the restroom and bring a favorite toy, blanket or pacifier

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